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Client Money-Back Guarantee Beta Program

Jacqueline Pittenger
posted this on February 9, 2013, 8:02 PM

The Basics

oDesk offers clients a Money-Back Guarantee on select hourly contracts. If the client isn’t satisfied with the work received in the first two billing cycles, oDesk will refund their money.


The Background

When a client hires a guaranteed freelancer, oDesk is guaranteeing that they will do a great job. oDesk provides a Money-Back Guarantee only on our best freelancers with impeccable work histories.

Guarantee.pngThe Details

How does the program work?

Look for the Money-Back Guarantee badge when you review applicants to your job. Hire one of these proven freelancers to an hourly rate contract and start working. If you are unhappy with their work during the first two billing cycles, oDesk will refund your money.

What is covered?

The Money-Back Guarantee covers the hourly rate payments made in the first two weekly billing periods. It does not cover payments made for bonuses, manual time, expense reimbursements, Fixed-Price Contracts, or milestone payments.

What happens if I’m not happy with the work?

First, we always recommend talking directly with your freelancer. In the majority of cases, the issue can be worked out with a little extra communication. If you’re still unsatisfied, simply request a refund.

How do I request a refund?

Visit your contract details page and click the “Claim Money-Back Guarantee” link. You can do this anytime after your first weekly invoice is generated (the Monday after your contract begins) and up to six days after your second weekly invoice is generated (the Sunday after your second week of work.) Once you submit your request, your refund will be credited to your oDesk account in ten business days. You can choose to have your refund applied to your oDesk account, or returned to your original payment method.

I don’t see any freelancers covered? Can I still get my work done?

Yes! oDesk has thousands and thousands of other freelancers with varying levels of experience and rates who can complete your job. You can review their past work experience, feedback ratings, portfolio and test results to determine if they will be right for your job. We recommend you hire these freelancers to do a small project to start, and expand their work once you’re confident in their abilities.

Regardless of whom you hire, all hourly work on oDesk is covered by the oDesk Guarantee that an hour paid is an hour worked, and vice versa.

Why is this a beta program?

This is a new program on oDesk and as we learn more about the needs of clients and how freelancers perform, we’ll be rolling the program out more broadly. Currently, only a portion of clients are part of this beta program.

Money-Back Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are subject to the oDesk User Agreement available at and apply to oDesk’s Money-Back Guarantee Program for freelancers who have earned the right to display the oDesk Money-Back Guarantee Badge (the “Program”). Only the hiring Client on a project may submit a claim under the Program. Reference to “you” and “your” in these terms and conditions refer to the applicable Client that wishes to use the Program. You agree to abide by these terms and conditions when taking advantage of the Program. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you are prohibited from using the Program.

  • PERIOD COVERED: Clients who hire a Money-Back Guaranteed freelancer and are unsatisfied with the work delivered can receive a refund on the hours worked and paid for during the first two billing cycles. Coverage starts at the time the freelancer is hired and ends on the earlier of when the contract ends or through the second billing week.
  • LIMITED TIME TO SUBMIT A CLAIM: Your claim in this Program must be submitted within the eligible redemption period, which starts when the first invoice is generated (currently the Monday after work begins) and ends six (6) days after the second invoice is generated (currently the first Sunday, 11:59:59 PM UTC, after the second week of work).
  • CLIENTS MUST INITIATE AND COMPLETE A CLAIM THROUGH THE AUTHORIZED CHANNEL: Your claim must be initiated from the contract details view, which can be found by navigating to Manage My Team and selecting your freelancer. Click on “Claim Money-Back Guarantee.” Do not submit claims to us via any other means (e.g., via email, via a contact us form, etc.). In addition, all claims must be submitted with a reason for the Client’s dissatisfaction of the applicable freelancer and must fall within one of the stated dissatisfaction categories available on the claim form.
  • HOURLY CONTRACT DISPUTE MECHANISM UNAFFECTED: Once your redemption period for the oDesk Money-Back Guarantee ends, you still have the option to dispute Hourly Contracts using our standard dispute option available HERE.
  • CREDIT APPLIED: Please allow approximately ten (10) business days for your credit to be applied after your claim submission under this Program (assuming you are in compliance with these terms and conditions). If a claim is approved, only money actually paid by Client in the first two billing cycles for an hourly rate project will be credited. This Program may not be combined with any other offers.
  • HOURLY CONTRACTS ONLY: The oDesk Money-Back Guarantee applies ONLY to Hourly Contracts entered into with oDesk Money-Back Guaranteed freelancers. The applications associated with the oDesk Money-Back Guarantee Freelancers are accompanied by the oDesk Money-Back Guarantee Badge. Bonuses, manual time, expense reimbursements, fixed price payments, milestone payments and any other contracts or payments are not eligible to be covered by the oDesk Money-Back Guarantee.
  • RECEIPT OF A CREDIT DOES NOT AFFECT TAX OBLIGATIONS: A Client’s receipt of a credit under this Program does not affect the Client’s or applicable freelancer’s tax obligations in connection with payments made by the Client to the freelancer.
  • ABUSE OF THE GUARANTEE: oDesk will investigate all claims under this Program and determine resolutions on a case-by-case basis. oDesk reserves the right to limit the dollar amount you may be credited and the number of claims you may file in a calendar year under this Program. oDesk may temporarily or permanently suspend any Client (and/or any freelancer) who attempts to directly or indirectly abuse the Program and may report any such abuse to the appropriate legal authorities.
  • PROGRAM TERM: The Program is effective as of November 13, 2013, and oDesk reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time.
  • ODESK’S RIGHT TO AMEND THE PROGRAM: If we change the terms of this Program, which we reserve the right to do in our sole discretion, we will post a revised version of these terms and conditions on the oDesk website, which will automatically replace the prior terms and conditions applicable to the Program. Your use of the Program following the effective date of the revised terms and conditions will constitute your acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.
  • The Program is void where prohibited by law.
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